Cost Efficient Consulting

CWD also provides consulting and training in connection with web design, website maintenance and revision, and all accompanying web and marketing services. Many of our clients, especially those with budgetary concerns, have found it more cost-effective to hire CWD on an hourly or per project basis, rather than hire an in-house webmaster. Our clients can save the costs of adding another employee, who may or may not have a full time role as a webmaster.

Asking employees to assume website responsibilities, especially those who are inexperienced in web services, is also counterproductive and inefficient. Many times, the employee cannot accomplish the website goals of the employer, and everyone loses. As a result, CWD has often serves as either as a consultant or an independent contractor to a number of corporate clients, fulfilling essentially the same role in a more cost effective and more targeted manner.

If you are thinking of adding an employee to serve as an in-house web designer/webmaster, then consider the savings and efficiency of outsourcing your needs to CWD. In addition, we stand by our work with full support, and often work with client employees (i.e., marketing managers/directors, IT personnel and the like) in educating them to understand and handle their company websites. CWD is happy to provide consulting and training at any time, and while these services are typically billed hourly, the rates can vary according to the scope of the project and many times a flat fee will result in a savings to our clients in comparison to a large amount of billable hours.

Contact Carol’s Web Design, Inc, at 240.401.2873 or email to find out how we can help you with your website goals, and how to manage them in-house on an ongoing basis.