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Carol’s Web Design, Inc. (“CWD”), founded in 2002, is a professional web design company located in Rockville, Maryland that provides Web Design and Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, Branding, Graphic Design, Web Programming, E-Commerce, Cost Efficient Consulting & Independent Contracting Services, Web Hosting and other creative web design solutions to a wide range of individuals, corporations, agencies, associations, and organizations, large and small. CWD has assisted in creating and upgrading online marketing and web business in such fields as healthcare, computer software and hardware, engineering, pet training, kennels, realtors, consultants, construction, retail stores, law firms, landscaping and many others throughout United States. The founder Carol Frick Nakamura brings two decades of experience to your web design goals, having served marketing and web design roles at Telecommunication, IT and In-store marketing industry companies. CWD ensures that every design solution is originated from a marketing strategy that supports its clients’ business goals and objectives. Here is a small peek of some of our websites. We have designed websites to customers in Georgia, New Mexico, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Florida, North Carolina and many others in the United States.

Carol Nakamura - Founder & President

Carol Nakamura
Founder & President

CWD has a team of dedicated professionals that specialize in every aspect of the web design and online marketing process. Our team includes web designers, marketing, graphic designers, search engine specialists, database and program coding professionals. We do NOT outsource any of our work overseas. Without question, CWD can design, maintain and handle all of your website needs in connection with its website design, search engine optimization and marketing. CWD is a company that has large abilities with personalized services, and is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. CWD is not a cheap template-type web design company; but rather, a sophisticated and attentive quality web designer. As a result, CWD can promise you that it is available to implement and exchange marketing ideas regarding your website any time, every day of the week. We are committed 100% satisfaction to our clients.

CWD is capable of developing any type of website, from the basic to the complicated, and always matches the client’s needs to the clients wants. As indicated above, CWD has prepared and managed websites that include retail, personal services, online payment (see our “e-commerce” page), blogs (see our separate “Blogging” page on this site as well) and databases. CWD is proud of its work and is committed to creating an outstanding site that produces results. We consider ourselves in partnership with our clients, and will not try to sell you something that you do not need, and we will not abandon you after the original work is done. In fact, many of our clients came to CWD due to a lack of attention from their previous web designers. Our commitment to perform the services is long-term.

Finally, your web site must have visibility and presence to distinguish it from all the others. Carol’s Web Design, Inc. will help you create and present an effective, first-class web site that will leave a lasting impression. Simply put, a web site and its optimization are not expenses-they are a required investment to ensure your superior presence in today’s internet marketplace.

Contact Carol’s Web Design, Inc. at 240.401.2873 or webmaster@carolswebdesigninc.com, to help you with your website goals.